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5 Strategies and Best Practices for eCommerce Customer Service

What is eCommerce customer service?

eCommerce customer care is the means by which internet businesses help customers. This includes the entire buying process, from decision-making to purchase to post-purchase experience.

The following channels are available for providing customer service:

  •           Telephone Email
  •           Internet
  •           Live chat

Additionally, the following are part of eCommerce customer service:

  •          guiding prospective buyers’ decision-making
  •          supplying solutions to technical questions
  •          acknowledging customer feedback
  •           resolving issues with the goods or shipment

Why does eCommerce customer service matter?

According to 95% of consumers, customer service is a key component of brand loyalty, according to data from Microsoft. After all, it’s all about providing clients with the services they require and making sure they have a positive experience.

Your clients will be happy and delighted when your eCommerce firm provides excellent customer assistance, which will help you build stronger relationships.

Look at these data points from Obrello:

84% of customers said that customer service influenced their decision to make a purchase.

  68% of customers state that they are prepared to make purchases from businesses that offer top-notch customer service.

5 Strategies for eCommerce customer service

Give online users the option of self-service

This tactic is actually underutilised. The majority of people immediately consider communicating with support personnel. However, the reality is that 60% of US consumers favour automated self-service for straightforward tasks. You can encourage consumer self-service in the following ways:

Create a knowledge base where you can provide all the necessary consumer information.

Make sure that your FAQs are accessible, succinct, and clear. 

Don’t forget to include shipping and return information. 

AI chatbots are useful for in-person chats about frequent queries. Live chat is your greatest option for more challenging issues; nevertheless, we’ll talk about that later.

Ensure you have the right people in the right seats

Your eCommerce customer service department needs to be excellent. They will serve as your front-line representatives and initial point of contact with both current and new clients.

Here are some vital pointers for selecting your customer service staff:

In addition to knowledge and experience, attitude and personality are crucial. To guarantee that clients have a positive experience, agents need to be sympathetic and patient.

To improve the efficiency of your customer service procedures, a training schedule should be established. The training should cover crucial details about your business, its goods, and services.

Utilize surveys and other feedback systems to monitor the performance of your staff.

To better serve your foreign audience, be open to recruiting agents that can communicate in multiple languages.

Equip yourself with the right tools and automate what you can

A helpdesk software essentially consolidates all of your customer messages into a single, user-friendly inbox, enabling you to automate repetitive activities and streamline operations. This will enable your staff to deliver top-notch customer service quickly.

You can automate a variety of tasks, including:

Notifications via email

Shipping details Invoicing Labels and tags