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6 ways to increase your Amazon sales

Amazon Marketplace’s ongoing expansion has made it a standard platform for e-commerce companies to offer their products on. Over the past three years, Amazon’s third-party seller ratio has increased dramatically, reaching 55%. Amazon’s revenue has increased along with the level of competition. Many Amazon sellers don’t make the most of the platform and lose out on potential site traffic and sales. Fortunately, we have a number of recommendations to help you boost your Amazon sales and raise your sales ranking.

Publicity on Amazon


Having effective and efficient advertising streams is a key component in increasing Amazon sales. A potent PPC campaign run through channels like Google Ads can assist in directing visitors to your Amazon marketplace products. You may increase your exposure in Amazon’s search results by using sponsored product advertisements, which is another fantastic feature of the Amazon marketplace. To put it simply, you can bid on keywords associated with your product to move it higher on the Amazon search result page. Amazon has its own recommendations for using sponsored adverts to boost sales and direct customers to your products.

Improving your Amazon SEO

Improving your Amazon SEO Price, product description, title, and product image are four important factors that all Amazon sellers should take into account.It’s a fairly basic factor, but how much you charge will directly affect your conversion rate. A product is more likely to appear higher in Amazon search results the more sales it generates. As a result, it is advised that a competitive price be established based on other comparable goods being sold on Amazon. The opportunity to provide specifics and information about your product is provided by the product description. However, it’s also a chance to fully sell your product’s advantages to clients and convince them to choose you over competing brands. To boost the overall SEO of the product page, keywords should also be strewn throughout the product description.

Arguably, the most crucial aspect of Amazon SEO is the product title. Your product title must contain pertinent keywords in order to improve your position in Amazon searches.

Improving your reviews to increase conversions

When it comes to boosting your Amazon sales, having a lot of favourable reviews can have a significant impact. It gives clients more faith in both the goods and your company as a whole. It can also be utilised as a differentiator against rival companies who sell comparable goods.

The list of top Amazon reviewers is another option to consider. This list is made up of accounts that are well-known for offering sound recommendations in addition to conducting extensive product reviews. They have a unique banner to let others know they are one of Amazon’s top reviewers when they post a review. This increases the value of their feedback. It is worthwhile to look at their tags within the list to see if any of them frequently buy goods similar to those your business is selling. The next step is to get in touch with them and convince them to try your goods.

Using Amazon FBA to increase sale

Businesses typically consider the advantages of Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) in terms of not having to store or ship their products when the word is introduced. Although this is the case, there is one aspect that often goes unnoticed but actually contributes to higher Amazon sales. Your goods can be linked to Amazon Prime using Amazon FBA. When making a purchase, the consumer has access to all of their Prime advantages. Customers will get access to free Amazon Prime shipping expenses, which is the most crucial benefit.

Win the “BUY BOX”

Amazon itself and third-party merchants are the two different categories of sellers on the site. Unlike third-party merchants, Amazon will always have access to the “buy box” (add to cart/purchase now buttons). Simply said, this is due to the possibility of many businesses selling the same item. As a result, businesses compete to win the “Buy Box.”

Utilize Promotional Timings

Dedicated “sale days” for online shops have emerged as a result of the growth of ecommerce. These e-commerce companies, like conventional shops, must stay on top of trends and schedule their promotions and inventory levels around these sale days.

These three days have come to represent Amazon. Businesses that time their advertising efforts to coincide with these promotional events are likely to experience a spike in new customers and an uptick in sales. That brings us to the key strategy for boosting your Amazon sales. Customers who are satisfied are more likely to make the same transaction again in the future. The difference between making hundreds and thousands of dollars on your Amazon Seller Account will depend on how many of your clients return. So it’s crucial to ensure that days like the ones we’ve highlighted go without a hitch!