what you need to know before you sell on ebay 7 quick start tips

A Quick Guide to Selling on eBay in 2023

What opportunities exist currently for eBay sellers? How can you boost your sales or position yourself better in eBay’s search results? We’re responding to all the various eBay selling questions!

We’ll keep it basic since we are aware of how noisy this area is!

Seller Centre on eBay

The main resource for giving individual and corporate sellers all the information they require to maximise their eBay account is eBay’s Seller Centre.

There is much to learn, from understanding promoted listings to increasing your sales using various methods. You may also manage you’re through the eBay Seller Centre:

  •           Listings
  •           Promotions
  •           Marketing
  •           Shipping
  •           eBay store front
  •           Finances
  •          Service Metrics

eBay Shop

Each and every eBay seller has access to an eBay Shop. This is where potential customers may go to discover more about you and your company. With reduced costs and a greater number of free listings each month, sellers and buyers can view your listings through a personalised and branded shopfront.

You can select one of three shop packages when you start an eBay store: Basic, Featured, or Anchor.

Basic: Get your company off the ground with discounted costs and resources to support expansion.

Take it a step further with additional free listings, eBay packaging supplies, free foreign listings, and more.

Anchor: With unlimited fixed price listings already included and expanded benefits overall, you can confidently grow your business.

eBay Premium Service

The eBay Premium Service label helps customers find products from sellers that provide the best services. eBay regularly evaluates the service standards provided by eBay Premier Sellers. You must meet the following requirements to qualify as one:

Provide a 3 working day free domestic delivery option.

Provide a 2 working day express shipping option for no more than £10.

All delivery services for items costing more than £20 must be identified as tracked services, and working tracking information must be submitted within the dispatch window (this rule applies to auction-style listings and Best Offers with a final cost of more than £20).

eBay sales reports

A seller can keep track of the important metrics related to their selling activities with the aid of eBay sales reports. Through eBay sales reports, it is possible to track and assess factors like sales, listings, successful listing percentage, and sales prices.

Users can compare selling results with pre-set sales goals using eBay sales reports. You can examine which elements—such as price, listing details, advertisements, and images—have had the most impact on your sales.

Refining and optimising your selling techniques to ensure that you are promoting contributing aspects that work for your product/business is one of the main purposes for eBay sales reports.

eBay power sellers

Power sellers on eBay are people with a lengthy history of successfully selling goods there while also maintaining a specific degree of client satisfaction.

One requirement for being an eBay top seller is becoming a power seller. Reaching these levels as a vendor can aid in improving search ranks and provide the seller with a logo that can inspire trust in the buyer.

What makes a great eBay listing?

When selling on eBay you’re not just up against the competition, you’re up against the search engine. With that in mind…

Make sure you’re meeting the standards

eBay will reward sellers who reach the minimum seller standards. If you reach the ‘Top-rated seller’ threshold, your listings will instantly receive a boost.

Avoid having duplicate listings.

As a platform, eBay is aware that without Amazon’s tight catalogue system, customers can occasionally feel overloaded by a single search. Because of this, it’s crucial to abide by eBay’s listing policies, which prohibit the creation of duplicate listings.

Avoid rerouting your traffic

Although you are allowed to use your “eBay shop” to create brand recognition, it’s crucial that all traffic stays on eBay. Your listing will suffer if you consistently encourage consumers to browse websites similar to your own.

Do not overuse titles.

Putting too many keywords in your listing titles will not improve your listing. Make sure you are going after clients that are relevant to your offering because eBay rewards the conversation rate of your item!

Be precise and sincere.

Sellers who use straightforward and clear descriptions are rewarded by eBay.