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For years, Amazon sellers have been redirecting customers to their Amazon store and neglecting their own store. But with the introduction of Buy with Prime, Amazon sellers can capitalize on Amazon’s vast delivery network and offer the same free shipping, expedited delivery, easy returns and fast checkout on their online store.

As Buy with Prime is relatively new, sellers have a lot of questions going on around how it works, how they can participate and what’s the fee structure. In this article, we’ll learn how Amazon sellers can grow their online store by utilizing the Buy with Prime feature. 

Online stores can use Buy with Prime on their own eCommerce stores and give customers more reasons to purchase from them by providing features they love as Amazon Prime members: super-fast shipping, free delivery and a user-friendly checkout experience. This means that Prime privileges are no longer confined to the Amazon storefront alone. 

For all merchants engaged in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) programme, Purchase with Prime is now invite-only. According to Amazon, this feature will be made available by invitation-only to other sellers that do not sell on Amazon or use FBA.

The service is originally only available to merchants in the USA. If Purchase with Prime is a success, it will likely spread to other nations like another programme.

The Buy with Prime logo and the delivery guarantees may be shown next to the listed online goods depending on the design template. Customers will be able to use their Prime benefits on websites other than Amazon as a result. Users can log into their Amazon accounts on outside websites, which will then take them to a hosted checkout on Amazon Pay where their shipping and payment information is already recorded. After making a purchase, customers will be taken back to their original website.

Buy with Prime: Benefits for sellers

#1: Buy with Prime makes it easier for the customers to trust your brand and products: 

Crowning the Prime logo and Amazon Prime’s well-known promise of fast delivery and free returns on your online store listings build immediate trust among Prime customers. Shoppers who know, love and shop on Amazon frequently will get a sense of familiarity when they look at the Prime logo beside your products. 

#2: Buy with Prime allows online sellers to tap into Amazon’s 200 million loyal Prime customer base

Participating retailers will have access to shoppers’ emails and addresses so they can also build direct relations with them by sending promotional emailers, product inserts and more. When selling on Amazon, shoppers interact directly with Amazon and as a result, brands miss out on those crucial interactions that can help them build a long-lasting relationship. 

#3: Buy with Prime allows online sellers to market their products their way

Not only can you sell your products away from all the competition, but you also have the ability to design your pages as you want. On Amazon, sellers have to promote and market their products in a controlled environment. But with Buy with Prime, sellers can showcase their products as they want while still getting many benefits of selling on Amazon. 

#4: Buy with prime takes the hassle out of fulfillment

Amazon’s world-class fulfillment services is a reason enough to opt for Buy with Prime. With FBA, Amazon takes care of storage, delivery, returns and everything in between so you can focus on what really matters: bringing more customers to your store and increasing sales. 

#5: Buy with Prime helps build brand awareness

When shoppers purchase from your Amazon listing, they won’t visit your website or learn about other products you have to offer. They won’t even go through your brand story and A Plus Content because there are so many other distractions right on your detail page and even below the “Add to cart” button.

On the other hand, when shoppers purchase from your store, they will also want to learn more about your brand. They will go through your about us page, view your home page, visit your social media pages and spend more time learning about your brand.