Retrieve Linked Channel SKUs


This query retrieves information about stock items based on a specified SKU prefix. It selects the SKU, linked SKU custom label, source, and sub-source from the StockItem table, while also generating a new SKU by replacing ‘LLC’ with ‘LLCPRP’ in the ItemNumber column. The search criteria limit results to items with an ItemNumber starting with ‘DB-RBN’ followed by ‘LLC-‘.
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How to generate the report: a step-by-step guide
  1. Select the Retrieve Linked Channel SKUs Report in the Query type drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Generate Report button.
  3. Select the Time Zone and click the Download (CSV file) button when downloading the report.


This SQL query retrieves information about stock items with a specific SKU prefix from the database. It generates a new SKU by replacing ‘LLC’ with ‘LLCPRP’ in the ItemNumber column, facilitating data manipulation or updates. The query is designed to provide relevant details about stock items and their associated data, aiding in inventory management tasks.

Reported Values

The report returns the following values:
Column NameDescription
SKUStock Keeping Unit (SKU)
Linked SKU Custom LabelCustom label linked to the SKU
SourceSource of the stock item
SubSourceSub-source of the stock item
New SKUModified Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
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@SKU: The SKU prefix used as a filter criterion.