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Customer Service Statistics You Must Know

Profits and employee retention are just two things that are impacted by your customer service. These customer service statistics and figures are too important for you to ignore.


Anyone who works in sales is aware of how crucial customer service is. However, you might be unaware of just how important it is to your company’s success. In actuality, customer experience can have a significant impact on a variety of factors, including repeat business, revenue, and employee retention.


For the majority of consumers, customer service is a deciding factor


This truth might surprise sellers a little less than it should. Customer service appears to be a significant deciding factor for the majority of consumers, according to numerous research and publications. According to these research, at least 90% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on a company’s customer service.

This means that customers care a lot about how you treat them. You may promote business expansion by making sure that every customer has a satisfying experience.


For satisfaction, Customers Are Willing to Spend More


Consumers of today want to be guaranteed a positive purchasing experience. As a result, they are more inclined to make purchases from merchants who support their goods and clients. Numerous sources claim that more than half of American consumers spend extra when there is a satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, a research by American Express found that customers spend 17% more money with businesses that provide excellent customer service.


Numerous customers claim their expectations ARE being met


The next obvious question is whether or not businesses are able to match expectations now that we are aware of their increase.


The American Express study mentioned earlier provides encouraging data on this topic. In actuality, 81% of Americans said that current corporate practises either match or surpass their standards for customer care. According to the 2017 report, the statistics increased from merely 67 percent in 2014 for the identical question.

This indicates that businesses are indeed raising the bar. But that also implies that there is fierce competition in the market. You must exert even greater effort if you want to maintain your lead as other companies put a greater emphasis on offering good customer service.


Many customers feel that their complaints are ignored.


Customers feel that businesses are falling short in this area. According to a Qualtrics survey on consumer involvement, 50% of consumers believe their feedback is disregarded.


They specifically think that no one at the business receives their comments and doesn’t take suggestions seriously.


Businesses now have a wonderful chance to provide clients transparency. Ensure that decision-makers have evaluated the feedback left on your company’s website. Make sure the customers are also aware of it. You can do this to enhance how customers see your brand and your relationship with them.


An enormous financial loss was caused by poor customer service.


We already know that unhappy clients are more likely to do business elsewhere. Therefore, it makes sense that poor customer service also causes brands to lose money. A striking Accenture statistic drives home that point. They claim that consumers changing brands due to subpar customer service costs American businesses $1.6 trillion a year.


Companies lose a significant sum of money each year due to a problem that is entirely preventable. Some problems, such lengthy shipment waits, can be beyond your control. However, you can still make sure that when clients contact you, they get the most attentive, amiable, and committed service.


It Costs More to Get New Customers Than to Keep the Ones You Have


It can be quite expensive to acquire a new customer once one has been lost due to subpar customer care. According to studies, acquiring new consumers is much more expensive than keeping the ones you already have.


This is primarily due to the resources needed to draw in and acquire new clients. It costs time and money to use marketing, advertising, engagement, and prospect attraction strategies. Keeping your current clientele content is far more economical. Because they are familiar with you and what you sell, they continue to frequent your store.


Once more, providing top-notch customer service is a low-cost approach to increase your company’s profits and save money.