Here’s a quick view for Shopify Updates!

As Shopify developers, you create new technologies, solve problems, and help millions of brands around the world, including ours, succeed. Although we know it might be challenging to keep up with the dozens of improvements we make each year to our platform, we do it to provide you with the tools you require. After all, when you’re busy creating highly functional apps, themes, and bespoke stores, it’s difficult to stay on top of every API update and new feature release.

Shopify Editions is a brand-new way to discover the goods and services merchants require to expand their enterprises as well as the most recent APIs and integrations to assist you in doing so.

We’ve created a dev mode particularly for you with features meant for devs to build best-in-class commerce experiences wherever to speed up your building. (Don’t forget to look at the whole Edition, too.)

New ways to build great apps


Built for Shopify

With your help, we can achieve our objective of creating the best commerce apps in the world. For this reason, they developed the Built for Shopify initiative, giving developers all the tools and documentation they need to produce apps that appear to be a natural extension of Shopify. Our App Design Guidelines will demonstrate and explain in detail how a top-notch Shopify app ought to operate. You’ll be qualified to have your app shown on our highest-converting surfaces in the Shopify Admin and App Store once you’ve developed one that complies with these improved standards. Your apps gain more exposure, and retailers have access to the best commerce apps available.

Shopify Features

Shopify Functions allow you the freedom to customise Shopify in ways that were previously unimaginable and are quick enough to scale for the biggest flash sales in history. We intend to add support for order routing, shipping rates, checkout and cart validations, return validations, and more in the future, even though we’re starting with discounts, shipping, and payment method Functions. Merchants don’t have to touch a single line of code because functions are scattered throughout an app and are simple to customise in the Admin.

Checkout Flexibility

With adaptable customizations made available for the first time through a bespoke app or the Shopify App Store, you can increase the power of checkout and Shop Pay. Checkout Extensibility, which is currently in Developer Preview, was specially created to be quick, secure, and upgrade-safe. We released Checkout UI extensions, Shopify Functions, Checkout Branding APIs for merchants to modify styling, and Pixels to track events so you can expose new features. The only people who can use the apps created with checkout UI extensions are Plus merchants.


The Selling Plans APIs now provide new features that enable the collection and deposit of deferred payments. Pre-orders enhance sales by allowing customers to make reservations in advance and assist retailers anticipate demand so they can better manage inventory supply. They also help retailers generate enthusiasm for a new or existing product. The demand for pre-orders is still rising as retailers try to organise their inventories. By utilising novel purchasing possibilities like pre-orders and try before you buy, you can assist retailers in succeeding.

B2B Platform on Shopify

Shopify is significantly improving the way retailers sell wholesale beginning on June With new primitives like company profiles, pricing lists, and net payment conditions, B2B on Shopify is integrated into the core and offers improved methods to engage with wholesale customers. With access to our most configurable tools for their B2B business (such as themes, discounts, and Functions), merchants can now fully utilise Shopify’s capabilities and tailor the shopping experience for their wholesale clients.

Notebooks for ShopifyQL

ShopifyQL Notebooks, available only to Shopify Plus subscribers, enables retailers to create their own data narrative to address their most crucial business inquiries. Developers may directly access Shopify’s analytical data using the new GraphQL Admin API to generate business insights without having to deal with data transformation. No longer will your reports and Shopify data be inconsistent.


By leveraging calls to the GraphQL API, the Segmentation API, which is completely controlled, enables your clients to better segment consumer data. Now that data is being transmitted through your app, your merchants can segment groups based on customer behaviour, location, or marketing preferences.


We’re developing it because you requested us to! Return APIs, which are currently available in early access beta, will help your clients manage orders more effectively by enhancing their access to crucial returns information across platforms.