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How to enhance your Shopify search and discovery experience?

Right now, customers are looking for what you sell. In actuality, 2 billion ecommerce websites are visited on average each month. Most visitors either use your store’s search to find what they need or utilise suggestions on your website to find what interests them.


At Shopify, we are aware that successful search and discovery are entirely dependent on effectiveness. Because of this, we’re not only enhancing the search and discovery tools we already offer to Shopify merchants, but we’re also developing a brand-new Search & Discovery app that will give you more control over how customers discover products throughout your store, enabling you to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and foster brand loyalty.


Why does search and discovery matter?


The time of the shopper is limited. They click away when they can’t locate what they’re looking for or when they don’t see anything that grabs their attention.

85 percent of customers claimed they had a different opinion of a brand following a bad search experience on a website.


However, businesses who provide carefully selected, high-quality search and discovery experiences stand to benefit greatly. You can gain an advantage over rivals by improving and optimising your site’s search and discovery functions, which will allow you to:


You are in the best position to know which things in your inventory will appeal to your clients because you are the best at knowing them.


Boost client loyalty and satisfaction:


Each customer is saved time by receiving the information they need promptly and effortlessly. Additionally, assisting customers in finding additional goods they might require or want makes them happy and increases the possibility that they’ll return by making them look forward to more wonderful.


Increase the number of leads that become customers:


Using search not only helps consumers save time, but it also improves their likelihood of making a purchase. As was already indicated, site search users have a two to three times higher conversion rate than non-users.


Increase your sales


When a customer enters your website with high purpose and a clear idea of what they want, they are more likely to buy and spend more money. They will generate 2.6 times as much revenue as site visitors who only browse. (Consider the difference between a customer who enters a store asking for something specific vs one who is “just looking.”) Shoppers who swiftly and easily find what they want can be more receptive to learning about additional products.


Which is more vital: search or discovery?


Although the terms “search” and “discovery” may appear to be redundant, each one actually refers to a distinct action. Most of the time, we are aware of what we’re looking for when we conduct a search. Perhaps we go to our preferred online retailer and head to the search bar because we need a wide red belt to cinch a white summer dress. A search is successful if we are able to find what we are seeking for without too much difficulty. A discovery would be made if the belt’s product page also included a suggestion for a purse or pair of shoes that complete the ensemble.