How to Write Perfect eBay Product Description

How to Write Better eBay Product Descriptions

Learn how to write eBay product descriptions that draw customers in, increase sales, and benefit your business.

All eCommerce experts are aware of the importance of their eBay product descriptions in generating a large number of sales. Your value proposition method, though, might have become a little stale if you’ve been selling online for a while.

After all, it might be simple to fall into a rhythm where speed takes precedence over the quality of the information when you are listing thing after item after item. That’s why we’re talking about how to truly make your descriptions pop today (and sell).

Make Your Descriptions Readable

Make your eBay product descriptions simple to read and scan if you want to sell more things. When using this strategy, one question must be considered: “Can a customer rapidly determine what this product delivers at a glance?” If so, you’re headed in the correct direction. If the response is no, you must change your content.

There are a few strategies to make your product descriptions easier to skim:

  • Dividing your text into manageable chunks.
  • Using lists with bullets or numbers.
  • Creating headers to divide parts.
  • Using concise words and sentences in writing.

Keep the product descriptions on eBay succinct.

Your eBay product descriptions must be concise and easy to scan in addition to being skimmable. Here, it’s important to be brief while still highlighting all of your product’s benefits.

Once more, your customers are busy. Additionally, students have a tonne of choices when it comes to web browsing today. Make sure to explain what you’re selling in detail, along with any advantages and features, in your product listing.

The optimization of your eBay product descriptions is equally crucial. Make sure you’re using keywords that customers may look up when looking for products similar to yours.

Additionally, keep eBay’s Cassini search engine in mind whenever you write. In order to determine how to rank things in eBay search results, this search engine parses listings. The majority of studies indicates that it’s a good idea to use the term you want to rank for at least once or twice in your listing, while it’s unclear exactly how Cassini decides its ranks (including in the headline).

But first, a word of warning. uses only ethical SEO techniques, generally known as “White Hat SEO.” In other words, resist the temptation to employ sneaky (Black Hat) methods. These include overusing keywords in your descriptions or using popular search terms that don’t accurately represent your products in an effort to increase traffic. If you sell HP laptops, for instance, avoid using claims like “this HP laptop is significantly superior than any MacBook Pro” to entice customers looking for a Mac. Buyers will not only perceive this strategy as dishonest, but it may also cause search engines to penalise your listings.

Finally, the effectiveness of your eBay product descriptions depends on the quality of the accompanying images. To ensure that clients can see everything they are purchasing, take crisp, appealing images of everything you sell.

Here are some short pointers for taking top-notch eBay product photos:

  • Use a bright, excellent light source.
  • Place your merchandise in front of a stable wall (preferably white, unless the item is white, in which case black or grey might work best).
  • Snap shots of your object from all sides.
  • Make sure all of the product details are visible in your pictures.