RIS-RM-1027 Assign Payment Method By Source and SubSource

Assign Payment Method By Source and SubSource

Start using the macro

The “Assign Payment Method By Source and SubSource” is a macro that runs as an action of the Rules Engine. It is designed to automate the assignment of payment methods to orders based on their specified source and subsource within the Linnworks platform. This macro provides users with a convenient way to streamline payment method assignment, enhancing order processing efficiency.This guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to install and set up the macro in Linnworks.
assign payment method by source and sub source
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There are three steps you need to complete to start using the macro:
Install the application.
  1. Go to Apps > Application Store > Assign Payment Method > click Install and follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.
  2. Configure the macro.
  3. Configure the rule in the Rules Engine screen.


Payment Method Assignment:

Automatically assigns payment methods to orders based on their defined source and subsource.

Source and SubSource Matching:

Matches orders with specified source and subsource criteria to ensure accurate payment method assignment.

Payment Method Lookup:

Retrieves available payment methods from the Linnworks platform for selection.

Configure the macro

Once the Assign Payment Method app is installed:


Input Parameters(In Sequential Order)

  • OrderIds: Array of order IDs to process.
  • Source: Comma-separated list of source values to match against orders.
  • SubSource: Comma-separated list of subsource values to match against orders.
  • PaymentMethods: Comma-separated list of payment method names to assign to matching


Call the macro with the necessary input parameters to initiate the payment method assignment process.


  • The macro iterates through the specified orders and matches them with the provided source and subsource criteria.

  • If a match is found, the corresponding payment method from the provided list is assigned to the order.