RIS-SM-2040 AutoFileManifest


Start using the macro

The “AutoFileManifest” macro automates the process of filing manifests for shipping accounts integrated with Linnworks. It enables seamless generation of manifests and facilitates email notifications with manifest attachments to designated recipients.

This guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to install and set up the macro in Linnworks.

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There are three steps you need to complete to start using the macro:
Install the application.
  1. Go to Apps > Application Store > AutoFileManifest > click Install and follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.

  2. Configure the macro.

  3. Configure the rule in the Rules Engine screen.


Manifest Filing:

  • Retrieves a list of shipping accounts from Linnworks.
  • For each account, initiates the filing of a manifest via the Linnworks API.
  • Monitors manifest status and ensures pending manifests are processed.

Email Notification:

  • Generates a PDF label for each successfully filed manifest.
  • Sends an email notification to the specified recipient containing the manifest PDF attachment.
  • Handles errors gracefully and logs progress for monitoring purposes.

Configure the macro

There are three steps you need to complete to start using the macro:



  • Vendor: Identifier for the shipping service provider.
  • AccountId: Unique identifier for the shipping account within Linnworks.
  • email: Email address of the recipient for notification.


  • The macro ensures timely filing of manifests for all configured shipping accounts.
  • Email notifications are sent to the specified recipient, containing the manifest PDF attachments.
  • Logs are maintained to track the progress and handle any errors encountered during execution.



  • Set up the email server details (ServerName, port, username, password, useSSL) within the code.
  • Ensure the Linnworks API endpoint (https://eu-ext.linnworks.net/api/ShippingService/) is accessible and authorized.


Configure the macro to run on a predefined schedule using a rules engine or scheduling mechanism.


  • At the scheduled time, the macro automatically triggers the Execute method.
  • The method fetches shipping account information from Linnworks.
  • For each account, it attempts to file a manifest using the ApiPost method.
  • Upon successful filing, it generates a PDF label for the manifest.