RIS-SM-1017 ShippinglabelPrintToFTP

Print Shipping Label And Save In FTP

Start using the macro

The ShippingLabelAndSaveInFTP application contains a macro that runs as the Rules Engine action.In this macro user will be able to set the macro to print the order shipping label and save it with Linnworks orderId as the label name in the FTP location.It is a schedule macro.

This macro facilitates the automation of shipping label generation and distribution by seamlessly integrating with FTP servers, streamlining the shipping process for businesses.

This guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to install and set up the macro in Linnworks.

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There are three steps you need to complete to start using the macro:
Install the application.
  1. Go to Apps > Application Store >ShippingLabelAndSaveInFTP > click Install and follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.
  2. Configure the macro.
  3. Configure the rule in the Rules Engine screen.


Generate Shipping Label:

The macro generates a shipping label based on the provided identifier.

FTP Connection:

It establishes a connection to the specified FTP server using the provided credentials.

Save Label:

Once the connection is established, the macro uploads the generated shipping label to the designated file path on the FTP server.

Scheduled Execution:

The macro can be scheduled to run at specified intervals or times as per the requirements.

Configure the macro

Once the ShippingLabelAndSaveInFTP app is installed:



  • identifier: Unique identifier for the shipping label.
  • FTPServer: FTP server address.
  • FTPUserName: Username for FTP authentication.
  • FTPPassword: Password for FTP authentication.
  • FTPSSL: Boolean flag indicating whether SSL is enabled for the FTP connection.
  • FTPPort: Port number for the FTP connection.
  • FTPFilePath: Path where the shipping label will be saved on the FTP server.


  • The macro is invoked with the specified parameters, such as the identifier for the shipping label and FTP server details.
  • It processes the shipping label generation and FTP upload procedures.
  • The execution can be either manual or scheduled based on the requirements of the shipping process.


  • Upon successful execution, the shipping label associated with the provided identifier is generated and saved onto the specified FTP server at the designated file path.

  • If any errors occur during the process, appropriate error handling mechanisms should be implemented to notify users or log issues for debugging purposes.