RIS-SM-1015 Reduce Item’s Discount

Reduce Item's Discount

Start using the macro

The “Reduce Item’s Discount” is a macro that runs as an action of the Rules Engine. This macro allows for the manual reduction of discounts by a specified value provided by the client. This macro facilitates the modification of discounts for items in the item line of order with a 100% discount applied.

This guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to install and set up the macro in Linnworks.

Reduce Discount
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There are three steps you need to complete to start using the macro:

Install the application.

  1. Go to Apps > Application Store > Reduce Item’s Discount > click Install and follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.
  2. Configure the macro.
  3. Configure the rule in the Rules Engine screen.


Discount Calculation:

Calculates the discount value based on the provided discount percentage.

Discount Application:

  1. Iterates through specified orders and evaluates each order item’s value.
  2. Applies a discount to order items with a value of zero and a 100% discount already applied.

Order Item Update:

Updates order items with the newly applied discounts to reflect the changes in pricing.

Configure the macro

Once the Reduce Item’s Discount app is installed:



OrderIds: Array of order IDs to process.

discountValue: The discount percentage to apply to order items with a value of zero.


Call the macro with the desired order IDs and discount value to initiate the discount application process.


  • The macro evaluates each order and applies discounts to qualifying order items as specified by the provided parameters.
  • Order items with a value of zero and a 100% discount applied are updated with the new discount value.