RIS-RM-1032 Shipping Delivery Note

Shipping Delivery Note

Start using the macro

The “ShippingDeliveryNote” macro is a tool within the Linnworks platform designed to automate the process of appending delivery notes to orders. This macro streamlines the order fulfillment process by automatically adding relevant delivery notes based on specified parameters.
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There are three steps you need to complete to start using the macro:
Install the application.
  1. Go to Apps > Application Store >UpdateDeliveryNote> click Install and follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.
  2. Configure the macro.
  3. Configure the rule in the Rules Engine screen.


Delivery Note Appending

Automatically appends delivery notes to orders based on predefined criteria.

Parameterized Configuration:

Allows users to specify parameters such as OrderId and AppendNotes to customize the behavior of the macro.

Rules Engine Integration:

Can be integrated with the Rules Engine or scheduled for execution at specific times.

Configure the macro

Once the ShippingLabelAndSaveInFTP app is installed:



  • When executed, the macro will automatically append the specified delivery note to the order identified by the provided OrderId.
  • The appended delivery note will contain the text specified in the AppendNotes parameter.
  • This streamlines the order fulfillment process by ensuring that relevant delivery information is included with each order.


  • Configure the macro by providing the required parameters.
  • Optionally, integrate the macro with the Rules Engine or schedule it for execution at specific intervals.


  • OrderId: Identifier for the order to which the delivery note will be appended.
  • AppendNotes: Text of the delivery note to be added to the specified order.