Managing Orders is now Easy!

Meet the Gorgias, who has been rated as the number 1 rated helpdesk for ecommerce merchants.They believe that next version of commerce should be more open and anyone should be able to be a part of it, as a merchant or a customer. They believe decentralized commerce is better for everyone.

They help you automate your work with various modes of interaction, empower support team and also help you measure the work you performed to better utilize the outcome.

You must be surprised on why are we praising Gorgias a lot then being praising ourselves. Well, yes we are happy to announce that we integrated Linnworks from our end point. Gorgias now allows you to manage and access your orders and inventory through Linnworks.

We can now manage orders in Gorgias and access through it since we have customised Linnworks with Gorgias. We can access it through a single dashboard. We also import orders into Linnworks from our end point. They can now see the request from Ebay or say Amazon at a single dashboard rather than operating it from multiple devices. Well this not only ease your work but also helps your productivity.

What are our capabilities?

We help integrate Linnworks to their website which helps them ease the work. We also have an app which is designed to allow warehouse managers and staff to manage stock items on a mobile device for Linnworks. We customize them as per there requirements.

Maximise your warehouse efficiency through app!

View and update your inventory from a single dashboard. Track your entire inventory in one dashboard and see real-time analytics to help you manage inventory levels and make important business decisions.

Hyperstock – includes: Application usage, designed with years of expertise, for whom, for which industries

Stop looking for your inventory and start seeing it. Hyperstock is an intuitive inventory app that allows you to keep a track on inventory and their details, for a more intuitive way to track inventory across multiple locations. Tracking your inventory through a unified platform can reduce workload and management costs. Hyperstock allows you to:

  1. Reconcile your entire online business inventory from a single dashboard
  2. Track inventory across multiple locations
  3. Add/ Updated Item Details including Images
  4. Add/update Supplier, Extended Property
  5. Stock Take by SKU, Category, Binrack
  6. Delete/Archive Inventory
  7. Print Label on virtual Printer
  8. Stock transfer between location
  9. Stock item audit trail
  10. Set low stock alerts or date reminders (coming soon)
  11. Hyperstock provides a unified platform for inventory control across all channels. It provides full visibility and control over stock movement. With Hyperstock app, brands can get a general view of inventory across Ecommerce storefronts, marketplaces like your Website, Amazon,,Etsy, eBay etc.

Track Inventory on your Smartphone

No one likes to lose customers because they run out of items to sell, and no one wants to accumulate unnecessary inventory. Fortunately, you can use Hyperstock inventory management app to check your inventory. With Hyperstock app, you have everything you need to run your business effectively. You can check and update stock for the existing or newly listed product as and when required. Also, it has a feature to create or update SKU.

You can always feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to ease your work.