RIS-PG-1001 Package Splitter

Package Splitter

Start using the macro

Description: The Split Packaging Component app on Linnworks streamlines order processing by allowing users to input an integer to determine the number of packages for splitting orders, automatically distributing order items across these packages. It optimizes order fulfilment by efficiently organizing items into multiple packages, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

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From Dispatch Console
  • Go to Orders > Dispatch Console.
  • Use one of the following tabs to search for an order/item(s) that you need to process:
  • Once the Process Order screen opens, follow the same instructions as above, starting from step 3.


The Split Packaging Component app on Linnworks simplifies order splitting by enabling users to specify the number of packages, automatically distributing items across them, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in order fulfilment.

Configure the macro

Once the Assign Payment Method app is installed: