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Customer Service Process: A Guide for Small Businesses

Do you know why companies are willing to invest so much money in customer service?

 They know that good relationships with their customers can generate great profits. In my experience, building  customer service skills and continually improving  customer relationships is one of the best ways to start a small business.

 Here are some insights on how to improve your company’s customer service capabilities. Remember that the support process needs to be compliant with the marketing and sales process.

Design the ideal customer service process

 The first thing you need to do is design an ideal customer service process. This is basically what you  want to do if you have the resources. In the perfect world, it is advisable to buy the CRM solution that underlies the process.

First, you need to know where your customers are asking questions. Once you have successfully identified these channels, you need  to pipe them  so that you can create a “case.”

 The following is a breakdown of the most common communication channels and how they usually work.

Customer Service Portal – Ideally, your website should have a help desk where customers can  get the answers they need without the help of staff.  Social Media-CRM solutions should allow you  to bring  social feeds directly into your CRM software. This allows employees to monitor the feed and respond as needed.  Phone Support-Ideally, we want to minimize the need for a support hotline. However, in some cases, there is no way  around it. Most CRM solutions  empower support agents by making customer information readily available. Email-People still send a lot of email. With a few settings, you should be able to  automatically compose emails as needed. Telemarketing – In some cases, you may call the sales department because you have previously dealt with the sales department. Apart from that, you need to allow sales reps to manually log cases as needed. Customer Service Process. Once a case has been created, you need  to handle it.

 The following is a breakdown of how cases are normally handled in an ideal customer service process.

Assignment and Validation – The first thing the customer service process should do at this point is to assign the case to the appropriate customer service representative. This is typically done by classifying the cases according to a set of predetermined criteria and determining which customer service representative is best suited to handle the case.

You need to identify the solution next to your customer service representative. In an ideal setup, customer service representatives can view databases with solutions. 

Solution Solution-After detecting, customer service representatives must provide solutions. Editing Cases-If the solution fails, the case will automatically return to the Identified Solution.

Escalating and benefits-If the case meets a specific threshold, escalate to the next level and reassigned to the appropriate customer service representative. 

Close Cases-As soon as the case is resolved, you need to use the collected data to improve the customer service process.

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