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Manage your online sales using the Linnworks Total Commerce platform. Linnworks helps you grow, automate, control, meet customers wherever they are, and capture every revenue opportunity. Cloud-based software seamlessly connects and automates all processes related to multi-channel sales, enabling enterprises to manage inventory, orders, and fulfillment from a single dashboard. By providing comprehensive insights into all sales channels and operations, organizations can drive profitability and growth.

Multiple Listing and Management Features:

  1. Logging into multiple sites-website, eBay, Amazon (or any of the many others available) or a retail outlet
  2. Logging into multiple sites
  3. keeping track of stock levels
  4. Adopting Linnworks can help you manage all your selling platforms with just one system

Streamline the listing process

Optimizing properties for each selling

Create Bulk listings and save time

Helps in creating group products

Manage product information

Channel optimization for product titles, descriptions


It provides all the features you need for multi-channel management. This means you only pay for the core features for multi-channel management. These include: –

 Listing function

Order management

Updating live inventory

 Print shipping label and upload tracking number

Ideal for SMBs (although it also creates custom integrations for corporate businesses).