SKUs with Invalid Bin Rack in Aisle


This query retrieves the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and corresponding Bin Rack numbers for stock items stored in the inventory. It filters out items with Bin Rack numbers containing ‘A’ but not exactly four characters in length. Additionally, it excludes items that contain composites, are archived, or have been logically deleted.
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How to generate the report: a step-by-step guide
  1. Select the SKUs with Invalid Bin Rack in Aisle Report in the Query type drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Generate Report button.
  3. Select the Time Zone and click the Download (CSV file) button when downloading the report.


This SQL query extracts SKU and Bin Rack number data for stock items from the database. It filters out items based on specific criteria such as Bin Rack number pattern, composite item status, archival status, and logical deletion. The query is designed to provide relevant information about stock items and their storage locations within the inventory.

Reported Values

The report returns the following values:
Column NameDescription
SKUStock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the item
BinRackBin Rack number associated with the item
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Source: The source of the items (e.g., ‘Amazon’).

Subsource: The subsource of the items (e.g., ‘Trimming Shop’).

PrimeTemplate1: The name of the first Prime template.

PrimeTemplate2: The name of the second Prime template.

PrimeTemplate3: The name of the third Prime template.