customer service

Tips to Take Control of your Customer Service

Adopt a Strategy for Proactive Customer Communication

Customer service that is proactive benefits your company in numerous ways. Creating a culture of customer care through practical communication will lessen the effects of typical eCommerce problems like inventory shortages and shipping delays. Along with helping you increase client retention, it can also give your business insightful consumer feedback data.

Don’t wait for the questions to start coming in once you spot a typical client issue or foresee a circumstance that will probably lead to a deluge of messages in your inbox. Engage new and existing clients in conversation as soon as they visit your website.

For instance, if your eCommerce company specializes in digital home entertainment, you probably get hundreds of messages about the availability of the most recent Sony video game console every day because it has been in such high demand ever since it was released. In this case, place a message over the homepage of your storefront telling customers of the issue and letting them know when more consoles will be available or how to keep informed.

It’s important to keep in mind that the greatest way to lessen the impact of bad news is to stay ahead of developing problems. Proactively contacting consumers and informing them of their options in the event of shipping delays demonstrates a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Last but not least, the quantity of priceless input your consumers may provide you with is still another big advantage of investing in proactive communications with them. Conversations with customers frequently produce vital insights about your company’s operations and user experience. Exists a product that customers would like you to offer? a snag that causes dissatisfaction in the online customer journey? A proactive communication plan aids in facilitating dialogues that are essential for gaining crucial insights to grow your company.

Use a live chat application to improve customer service

The emphasis on providing customer service more quickly as consumer expectations rise makes a live chat solution necessary. 90 percent of customers consider a “rapid answer” to be significant or very important when they have a customer support query, according to a HubSpot study.

The advantages of using live chat for customer service, however, go far beyond satisfying customers’ increasing demands for faster service. With a 48 percent gain in income per conversation hour and a 40 percent rise in conversion rate, offering live chat has really been demonstrated to significantly improve return on investment (ROI).