Top-Rated Free Shopify Themes (as Reviewed by Users)

Finding it difficult to choose the ideal Shopify theme for your website? Here are the top 4 FREE Shopify themes according to user feedback.There are a tonne of highly regarded premium Shopify themes available, but what if you want a free Shopify theme? Your finances can be restricted to other parts of your company’s operations or you might just be getting started in the world of eCommerce.

It doesn’t matter why you choose to utilise a free theme for your Shopify website; you don’t have to accept mediocrity. In reality, there are a few solutions right now that customers like you are praising. But you might not have time to sort through all the options whether you’re a busy eCommerce merchant or a new business owner.

We’ve done the laborious job for you because of this. Continue reading as we discuss the four best free Shopify themes based on user reviews.


We don’t believe in saving the best for last, so we’re going to start with the Shopify theme that is presently receiving the majority of positive ratings because it is free. There is presently an 86% positive rating for the Simple theme, which is broken down as follows:

  •          28 total reviews.
  •          24 positive reviews.
  •          2 neutral reviews.
  •          2 negative reviews.

Just 2 negative reviews, you read that right! This is quite an accomplishment considering that each of us has unique likes and preferences. Let’s examine the Simple theme and see why it’s so popular.

As you can see in the image above, the Simple theme offers 3 different style possibilities as a start. “Light,” “Beauty,” and “Toy” are some of them. This means that merchants in a wide range of businesses can use this choice.


The Minimal theme comes in second place and has an 82% good rating out of around 100 reviews. Similar advantages to those of the straightforward theme are offered by this free Shopify theme, which has “a clean, simple design that keeps the focus on your products.”

It also comes in 3 style options: “Vintage,” “Fashion” and “Modern.” The Minimal theme features:

Slideshow (enabling you to showcase products or brand images).

Product image zoom.

Home page video.

Product filtering.

Product recommendations.


On our ranking of the best free Shopify themes, Brooklyn ranks third. Two style options—”Classic” and “Playful”—and a 71% approval rating are available for the Brooklyn theme.

Additionally, these choices provide users radically diverse aesthetic alternatives, as you can see in the image above. That is understandable given that Shopify claims this theme is “tailor-made for modern apparel stores.”

The Brooklyn theme features:

Options that are tailored toward modern apparel stores.

Header slideshow.

Dynamic product grid.

Slide-out cart.

Home page video.